Personalized Education

Breakfast & Lunch Served


Red & Black Uniform 

Structured Discipline

Foreign Languages (Spanish & Arabic)

Community Service

Signature Art Program

D.E.A.R TimeDROP EVERYTHING AND READ is a time spent engaged in leisure reading for 15 min after recess. Teachers are available to assist and encourage struggling readers.

BACKSTAGE – Backstage is an after school program designed to provide academic and social support while celebrating art in its different genres.  Parents and community members are encouraged to participate as tutors and/or artists. Students overcome environmental stressors by using the arts as an expressive outlet.  We include art to improve artistic expression, positive self-esteem, and add richness and engagement to the learning environment.  At the same time, the intellectual demands of the arts help students develop problem-solving, critical, and creative thinking abilities. Backstage engages and supports students in developing academic excellence, artistic expression, self-discipline, and self-motivation necessary for academic success and positive citizenship.

ENCORE – Encore is a summer camp that runs mid-June to mid-August designed to provide social and academic support year round.  Students are able to enjoy summer break while preventing summer learning loss. Reader’s Theatre is a program where students incorporate reading aloud with creative expression in small groups to promote academic excellence and positive citizenship.  Students are able to improve reading skills while fostering positive self-esteem through artistic expression.